Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answer to these questions:

Q. How many applications and how much times does it take to obtain the results as advertised ?
A. For the face, application time can vary according to the type of skin : five minutes for dry skin, ten minutes for normal skin and up to 15 minutes for oily skin. Everything depends on the desired results. Clay's exfoliating abilities can be felt right away resulting in a radiant complexion and very soft skin. Relaxation and well being are also felt right away with body wraps and hydrotherapy. A poultice used for aches and skin problems also gives immediate relief. Where as to rejuvenate mature skin, you must be more patient and repeat the applications.

Q. What is the difference between Manicouagan marine clay and the other clays available on the market ?
A. The difference comes from its source and from its type. Ours is a clay originating from the Goldthwait Sea and the water that it contains its crystalline structure has the properties of mineralized sea water. This "plus factor" gives our clay those extra properties that distingish it from all the otherclays on the market.
It is also a delicate clay because it reacts to the forces of Nature. In its natural state, this clay is a gel that liquifies if you handle it. Only this clay posseeses the property of self-liquify. It is a sediment of the living sea.
Finally, the extreme fineness of the particules - more than 50% of the particles are less than five microns in their raw, untreated state - allows for ionic exchange between the water and the clay.

Q. How to preserve clay and for how long ?
A. It is preferable to preserve clay in obscure place with temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celcius. For exemple, a refrigerator or a cold room. You will be able to conserve clay between 3 to 5 years.

Q. Can clay damage or block the plumbing ?
A. Treated marine clay possesses very, very fine particles. One tablespoon of clay contains about 375 million particles of less than 38 microns (10-6 m). Moreover, clay dissolves in warer. Thus, it cannot block the plumbing of thérapeutic baths or damage them.

Q. Can we re-use they clay after having used it ?
A. Yes and no. After having used the clay for a facial mask or body wrapping, this clay can be deposited in our plants like fertilizer. It is not advised to re-use clay because it absorbs the toxins our body has released.

Q. Can clay be used on animals ?
A. Yes, it is certain that clay is also good on animals for minor wounds like small cuts and inflammation.